Ross Mandell, a Brooklyn native born in March 1957, embodies the resilience and tenacity of New York. His early years were spent in Brooklyn until his family relocated to the Five Towns on Long Island, where he experienced his formative years. After completing high school with notable achievements, he earned a full scholarship to SUNY Albany, later transferring to the University of Maryland where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. His academic pursuits set the stage for a diverse and impactful career.

Following his graduation, Ross briefly worked in his family’s business, gaining essential skills and experience. However, his ambition steered him towards the dynamic world of finance. In 1983, he joined the prestigious EF Hutton training program, embarking on a successful career as a Wall Street stockbroker. Despite these professional strides, Ross faced significant personal challenges. The loss of his father in 1973 was a profound setback, leading to severe struggles with addiction, battles he courageously fought for many years. Demonstrating remarkable fortitude, Ross entered rehab in 1990, beginning an inspiring journey towards sobriety and overcoming personal adversities.

Post-rehabilitation, Ross’s career took an upward trajectory. In the 1990s, he founded his first stock brokerage firm, ROAN Capital Partners LP. After selling ROAN Capital in 1997, he established Sky Capital Holdings in 2001. By June of 2002, he had taken it public on the London Stock Exchange, making history as the first American to take a U.S. regulated business public on this platform. In March of 2004, Ross once again showcased his entrepreneurial prowess by taking his venture capital fund public on the London Stock Exchange. Sky Capital Enterprises, Mandell’s venture capital business, boasted a diverse portfolio, owning a British publisher, a medical device company, a trading business, and five homeland security companies. At the pinnacle of his success, Mandell’s personal net worth exceeded $100 million, and he helmed both Sky Capital Companies, which had a combined net worth of $400 million. These companies were listed on the London Stock Exchange, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and Gray markets globally.

However, in 2009, Ross’s career faced a significant setback when he was indicted for securities fraud. In 2012, he was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in federal prison. The following year, the New York City Bar Association, the world’s largest association of lawyers, filed an Amicus Brief in his defense, asserting that Mandell had committed no crime. Despite their support, his appeal was denied. Throughout his legal battles, Mandell has consistently maintained his innocence and continues to seek full exoneration.

In February of 2023, after serving a significant portion of his sentence, Ross was released to home confinement. This marked the beginning of his anticipated return. With a vision that had been confined for over a decade, Ross has been eagerly awaiting the moment to reintroduce himself to the world. Now, as he steps back into society, the world awaits the next chapter in Ross Mandell’s story.